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Could it use healthy, thicker, greener turf and eye- catching annual color flower displays?

Look no further than PALS commercial services.  Our work speaks for itself!

We provide comprehensive maintenance services that can be tailored to fit your property and your budget to cover every aspect of your landscape. Our landscape maintenance contracts offer a more complete approach to deliver the results your business or community is looking for.

PALS commercial landscape services can provide everything but the sunshine! Our team of professional commercial landscapers can provide a complete range of lawn and landscape services to meet your property’s needs. We can provide service for almost any Central PA commercial property.


From Sprawling Residential Communities to Compact Office Complexes, We Manage Both Small & Large Properties
Lawn Mowing, Trimming & Edging

PALS offers the most modern and well-maintained equipment to mow your lawns and keep those edges looking sharp and we are there when you need us and on schedule every time.  

Weed Management & Control

Whether its hand pulling or chemical controls we understand your need for a weed free lawn and flower beds. Image is everything and we will help keep your image weed free in front of your customer. 

Pruning & Fertilizing

Whether it is hand pruning to remove dead limbs and tree suckers or shearing miles of privacy shrubs we do it all! Our staff consist of “Certified Arborist” and crews with hours of training in plant identification and pruning techniques.  

Annual & Perennial Flower Displays

Nothing makes your commercial building or sign catch the eye of your customer like bright colorful displays of flowers. PALS design and install beautiful impactful displays of eye-popping color.  

Leaf Removal

When autumn comes calling so do the leaves. We will cleanup your leaves, so they don’t end up in your building. 

Mulching & Pine Straw Spreading

Fresh coatings of mulch, stone or even Southern Pine straw in your beds improve the appearance of your Building and help with the overall health of your plants. We work with all the materials and apply them with fast and efficient methods.  


Proper winter preparations include shrub reductions, tree trimming and lawn aerations. Let PALS guide you through the process, so spring won’t be a hassle! 


Before we just jump into your landscape maintenance, we will create a unique plan for your property. If you have more than one location, a plan will be made for each one. Creating a plan helps us strategize and prioritize the projects that we need to take care of. This process is especially helpful if you have more than one property, especially if they are located in different areas. 

PALS is committed to becoming your long-term landscape maintenance partner and uses the best management practices to ensure that we deliver high-quality services.  Our commercial lawn and landscape maintenance services will protect your investment and ensure your commercial property always looks its best.  

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